Memory Fading

Memory Fading is an overall title for four series of prints and collages using printmaking — traditional and digital — prompted by my mother’s increasing dementia prior to her death. I needed to explore our relationship while there was still time. In The Empty Robe series, multiple impressions of a robe Ida wore evoke loss, memories and melancholy as they float within the page. For the Shroud Series, I printed the robe over large ink-jet images of Ida’s face so that she seems to peer through veiled frames. In truth, age was her real veil, darkening as it increased. In Memory Broken (#2 and #3), I hand-cut digital prints of Ida’s robe and face, added black strips of paper and translucent strips of vellum and wove them together. The black strips reflect images while the vellum reveals parts of the image that would otherwise be concealed. In Suture, Ida's face is interrupted by strips from the robe print, with each strip laced and knotted by black thread.

The Empty Robe

Shroud Series

Memory Broken (#2 and #3)