What's Your Baby?

Solo Exhibition at the Fountains Foundation at 916 in Chicago, IL 2013

Curator: Leo Selvaggio

"Joan had no children, the foundation was her baby"

        — consultant to the Joan Mitchell Foundation

People often refer to their passion, their vocation or avocation, their life’s work as their “baby.” What’s Your Baby? includes a selection of garments from Baby (Not) on Board: The Last Prejudice?, a series in which I embroidered critical comments about childlessness on items of baby apparel. The comments, all actually said or written, represent a broadly embedded cultural hostility toward women (rarely men) without children that appears to be on the rise even as non-traditional families gain greater acceptance. What’s Your Baby? seeks to re-frame the conversation.

Viewers of this installation were asked to submit a description of their “baby” into an onsite ballot box. You can also contribute by  answering the question yourself at www.tumblr.com/blog/whatsyourbaby. Thank you for participating.

Special thanks to Stan Pinkwas, Leo Selvaggio, Melissa Potter and the Fountains Foundation