Biasing the Non-Maternal, for WCA-CAA panel Maternal Art Activism / by Miriam Schaer

Miriam Schaer will presenting her art work and research about childlessness on the panel Maternal Art Activism. The panel, chaired by Rachel Epp Buller (Bethel College) and Margo Hobbs, (Muhlenberg College) will be Friday Feb 17, at 10.30, in the Rendezvous Trianon, 3rd Floor. Other presenters are Amber Berson (Queens University) Tiffany Holmes (SAIC) and Erin L. McCutcheon (Tulane)

Don't forget: CAA is offering artists a one day 'pay what you wish' pass ($25. suggested fee) so you can come and see panels, as well as the publishers and vendors fair! The Conference will be at the NY Hilton, 53rd Street and 6th Avenue. Click here for more information.